The Feast of the Dormition of the Mother of God

In icons of the Dormition, we see the usual depiction of the Theotokos and Christ inverted; where once Christ was held in her arms, now she is the child and held in His. As the Theotokos once carried Christ and through her He assumed His human nature, now she is carried by Him, partaking in the divine nature and rising and ascending to Heaven. More than any other of the saints, the Theotokos confirms for us the destruction of death and our theosis in the life to come.

We are told by tradition that the Apostles were returned through a miracle to where the Theotokos was living with St John the Theologian to be with her when Christ came for her. They were joined by some of their disciples, the second generation of bishops, who would become some of the earliest Fathers of the Church. Only one of the Apostles, St Thomas, was not present at the time of her repose, but arrived three days later and witnessed her assumption into Heaven. When he told the other Apostles of what he saw, they went to her tomb and found it empty. Because she was assumed into Heaven bodily, the Theotokos already has already experience the bodily resurrection and thus serves not only as a model for all Christians in her righteous living and love for God, but also as our ultimate model in the world to come.

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