This will transform your office lunch: We Bring the Festival to Your Office!

Even if you can’t make it to see us at the Saint George Middle Eastern Food Festival until this weekend, we can help!  There are two easy ways to get the great food early, and then come see the dancing and tour the church later.

Maybe you can’t wait to taste a Kibbe sandwich

Perhaps you thought your office would be better if it had the aroma of Arabic Chicken wafting through the halls

That afternoon meeting in the conference room would go faster if there were grape leaves and humos, right?

We’ve got you covered!  Just take a look at the menu, pass it around at the office, and let us know:


We make it easy to place online orders.  Use this form, and then we will call or email you to verify the delivery time.


We have a drive thru lane set up for speedy food orders.  Just come in to the drive thru lane, we’ll help you make an order right there, and bring the food to your car.

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