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2014 food festival saturday

Saint George Food Festival Menu 2014R1
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Booths and Events

  • Middle Eastern groceries from Nabeel’s Imported Food
  • Icons, Religious articles and Books for sale
  • Hand carved olive wood from the Holy Land will be on sale
  • Stained glass art by Mary Aiken
  • Live Arabic Band – Amin Sultan Fri & Sat 6pm- 10pm
  • Arabic Dancing performed by our youth nightly
  • Church Tours evenings Thurs and Fri and all day Sat

Food Descriptions


Round steak finely ground, mixed with cracked wheat, onions, pine nuts, spices, brushed with butter, and baked to perfection.

Rolled Grape Leaves

Lean ground chuck mixed with rice and spices, rolled in grape leaves and cooked in a water & lemon juice mixture until tender.

Baked Chicken

Half chickens marinated in lemon juice and butter, seasoned with
a blend of spices, oregano, and baked to a moist golden brown.

Spinach Pie

Spinach, onions, lemon juice, olive oil, and spices wrapped in fresh yeast dough in the shape of a triangle and baked.

Meat Pie

Browned lean ground chuck, onions, spices, and cream cheese mixed and wrapped in fresh yeast dough in the shape of a triangle and baked.


Ground chick peas, onions, spices, parsley, & cumin rolled into a ball and deep fried.

Green Beans

Italian beans simmered with crushed tomatoes, butter, spices, onions, & garlic.


Yeast dough made with a blend of anise, mahalab, & sugar, deep fried, dipped piping hot into a special syrup and topped with powdered sugar. Simply delicious!


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